Manure Management

Manure management is a giant part of horse keeping.  Here at Silver Star Farm we have installed a state of the art O2Composting system and use it to compost the 7 tons of manure produced annually per horse. The resulting product, Carolina Compost, provides an excellent resource for gardeners and greenhouses and also provides a humus-rich soil amendment for use in pastures.

Compost System for Carolina Compost

This system allows for healthier horses and a cleaner environment.   Instead of making an unsightly pile somewhere on our property, or spreading parasites right back onto our pastures; we load all of our stall waste and the manure from our pastures into aerated bins.  These bins control the pile temperature, while destroying parasites and weed seeds.  It significantly increases the rate of composting.  This method helps eliminate unpleasant odors, flies and rodents and turns a raw waste into a nutrient building fertilizer for use in pastures.  Living in an area near lowlands and rivers where the water table is high, we realized we had a huge responsibility to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible. The idea of e-coli bacteria from horse manure leaching into the ground water was unacceptable to us.  O2Compost was the smartest, environmentally friendly option there was regarding our manure problem.

To learn more about their product and how their mission is to “positively impact the world for generations to come” follow this link: 

Carolina CompostCarolina Compost

  • 100% Recycled
  • No chemicals, additives, hormones, or steroids
  • Compost includes horse manure, bedding and urine, all aged and composted to rich black compost.
  • Natural time released nutrients to nurture plants and shrubs.

Carolina Compost is 100% organic, nothing artificial has been added. Unlike cattle, chicken and pigs, our horses are not fed or given regular antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, or any other artificial products.

Our compost is excellent for use in planting seedlings, as potting media, enriching the soil. It helps sandy soil retain water and assists clay soil in draining, and great for indoor or outdoor farming/gardening uses. Also used as a cover to protect plants for the winter!

Silver Star Farm is a locally owned and operated horse farm. We are conscientious of our environment and are happy to help bring you a local recycled product.

All of our stalls are bedded with Guardian Wood Pellets. This type bedding makes for the very best compost.

60lb bags of compostWe are now offering bags of Organic Horse Compost which can be picked up at our farm location in Camden, NC.

We use recycled poly weave grain bags as a way to help the environment by reusing what we already have. These bags are rugged and do not leak.


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